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Recognizing Top Alexa Developers in the Community

John Wheeler

San Diego, California

John Wheeler is the creator of Flask-Ask and the Alexa Skills Kit development framework for Python that enables rapid skill development. He also created, a resource for leveling-up quickly with Flask-Ask and the Alexa Skills Kit.  

John believes voice user interfaces soon will be everywhere: as an option in new home constructions, a must-have feature in future automobiles, and even there to serve us in public spaces. He’s passionate about Amazon being the market leader in voice-activated personal assistants because of Amazon’s relentless focus on customer happiness. He feels the true power of Alexa emerges not from the technology on its own but instead when used in combination with other Amazon other services.  

John has been developing for two decades in Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, and Ruby. He lives in San Diego with his wife, daughter, and twin boys. Follow him on Twitter for updates on Flask-Ask and

Alexa Open Source Project

Flask-Ask: A new Python micro-framework that significantly lowers the bar for developing Alexa skills. Flask-Ask is a Flask extension that makes building voice user interfaces with the Alexa Skills Kit easy and fun. In this blog post, learn how Flask-Ask helps you build a simple game that asks users to repeat three numbers backwards. Knowing Python and Flask are not required, but some programming experience will help. If you prefer, check out the video walkthrough of this post.

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