Amazon Alexa Smart Screen Dev Kit

A Reference Solution for Screen-Based Products with Alexa Built-in

Amazon Alexa Smart Screen Dev Kit

With the Amazon Alexa Smart Screen Dev Kit, Amazon is enabling commercial device makers to build high-quality screen-based products with Alexa built-in. The dev kit provides a complete hardware and software system reference solution with the latest AVS technologies, including support for interactive screens with rich visuals, Alexa Multi-Room Music (MRM), Alexa Calling & Messaging, and more. Based on a production-ready ARM Cortex-A53 chipset that hosts the Alexa client software and audio front end technology for ‘Alexa’ wake word detection, this kit features a 4” touch screen, 3-mic array for far-field speech recognition, and includes the new Alexa Smart Screen and TV Device SDK and sample GUI. 

  • Far-Field Voice Recognition with Amazon ‘Alexa’ Wake Word Technology
  • Rich Interactive Visuals using the Alexa Smart Screen and TV Device SDK
  • Latest AVS technologies including MRM and Alexa Calling & Messaging

Please speak with your Amazon AVS business development contact, or fill out the request form below, if interested in requesting the Amazon Alexa Smart Screen Development Kit. 


Target applications:

Smart Speaker
Smart Screen
Smart TV
Set-top Box / Streaming Device
Soundbar / AVR

Alexa activation distance:


Platform architecture:

Audio front-end

Number of mics:


Initiation method:


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