Cake Walk: Build an Engaging Alexa Skill

Welcome to Cake Walk: Build an Engaging Alexa Skill. This course is for software developers, voice developers, solution architects, user interface (UI) developers, voice designers, or anyone with beginner-level coding experience.

In this 90-minute course, you will have hands-on experience using the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) and voice user interface (VUI) as you design, build, and test a custom Alexa skill called Cake Walk. Then, you will learn about the certification process to make a skill available in the Alexa Skills Store.

Most of this course is written for Node.js developers using our Node.js SDK, however we have samples using our Python SDK for all you Python developers out there. The naming conventions for the functions between the SDKs are the same so the course should be easy to follow in either language. 

Table of Contents

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