See What Others Have Built with Alexa

Hundreds of thousands of developers are building Alexa skills that engage and delight their customers. Here are the stories behind their innovations.

Stuart Pocklington - Loop It!

A dream sparks a winning Alexa skill idea and a new career in voice.

Steven Arkonovich - Big Sky

Akonovich personalized his Alexa skill and boosted his business with in-skill purchasing.

Say It Now

Voice agency 'Say It Now' CEO discusses reaping big rewards from the voice industry.

Build a Business

Sony Pictures Television

Jeopardy! and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Sony Pictures Television has grown its brand and reached new customers with monetized Alexa skills.

Invoked Apps

Opening Bell and Rain Sounds

Invoked Apps has added in-skill purchasing to fuel growth and financial success.

Chop Chop, Music Sandwich, and Vintage Video

Going from zero coding experience to a growing voice business, is “all in for voice.”

Voice Apps

Sleep and Relaxation Sounds

In-skill purchasing offers Jeff Bolton’s voice business a new level of monetization.

Gal Shenar

Escape the Room and Escape the Airplane

With in-skill purchasing, Shenar has set his growing voice business up for long-term success.

Mauri Niininen and Barry Thain

Hypno Therapist

Alexa skill “Hypno Therapist” uses in-skill purchasing to reach more customers and build a business.

Create Voice-First Games

Doppio Games

The Vortex

“The Vortex,” an Alexa game skill from Doppio, delivers a double shot of customer engagement.

Musicplode Media Ltd

Beat the Intro

Musicplode Media uses in-skill purchasing to turn its “Beat the Intro” voice game into a hit for Alexa customers.

Question of the Day revs up Alexa game skill “Question of the Day” with in-skill purchasing and builds a voice business.

Integrate Visuals and Touch 

Cameron Sheedy

Crazy Conversation

With his skill “Crazy Conversation,” Cameron Sheedy wins fans and a bonus prize in the Alexa Skills Challenge: Multimodal.

Steven Arkonovich

Big Sky

Steven Arkonovich is enhancing voice-first Alexa skills with the Alexa Presentation Language.

Ben Ursu

Fork On The Road

Ben Ursu wins a bonus prize in the Alexa Skills Challenge: Multimodal with his Alexa skill “Fork On The Road.”

And Much More 


iRobot Home

With Alexa and an innovation-first approach, iRobot is building the future of the voice-enabled smart home.

Drew Cosgrove

Animal Letters and Feel The Pressure

Alexa reignites Drew Cosgrove’s love of coding, changing both his career and his life.

Hugo Catchpole

Story World

Catchpole moves from being a digital nomad to a full-time Alexa skills developer.

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