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Get Started with the Alexa Skills Kit

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Create an account in the developer console.

Step 2

Learn the key terms you need to know to build Alexa skills.

Step 3

Take our course or explore on your own.

Option 1: Take Our Course

Beginner Training Course

We’ll guide you through the full process to build your first Alexa skill.

Option 2: Explore on Your Own

Learn, Design, Build, Launch

Explore our resources to understand what’s possible with the Alexa Skills Kit and how to build a skill.

Not a Developer?

You can still build an Alexa skill—no coding required. Create a skill in minutes with a Skill Blueprint template or hire an experienced agency to build your skill.

Get Inspired by What Others Have Built

Stuart Pocklington - Loop It!

A dream sparks a winning Alexa skill idea and a new career in voice.

Steven Arkonovich - Big Sky

Akonovich personalized his Alexa skill and boosted his business with in-skill purchasing.

Say It Now

Voice agency 'Say It Now' CEO discusses reaping big rewards from the voice industry.

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