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Immersive Voice Experiences

Delight your residents and improve your properties’ operational efficiencies.

Alexa Smart Properties for residential simplifies deploying and managing devices at scale.


What is Alexa Smart Properties for residential?

Alexa Smart Properties for residential allows residential buildings and communities to deploy and manage Alexa-enabled devices and experiences with the help of solution providers. With Alexa, residents can have voice-enabled smart home experiences from the moment they move in, with zero setup.

One-time investment makes Alexa an integral part of your smart home experience.

Make your property more attractive to residents. Integrate Alexa and make smart home devices easier to use for your residents. It is a one-time investment, one-time setup, with years of benefits.

Customize your experience

Provide unique property experiences to your residents and staff.

Demo to prospective residents

Use Alexa-enabled devices in vacant units to demo the smart home features of your property while also augmenting self-guided tours with voice enabled skills.

84% of renters want an apartment with smart home amenities. 61% of whom said they would pay a monthly fee for a voice assistant.

Meet the growing demand for voice enabled experiences across all unit types. Improve the profitability of rentals via increased pricing, reduced time on the market, reduced concessions or incentives, and reduced turnover.

NAA Sees Growth in Smart-Home Technology; August 6, 2019


Residents living in a unit with Alexa will enjoy effortless, ready-to-go voice-enabled experiences from the day they move in.

Seamless Alexa experiences for your residents.

Alexa-enabled devices will be fixtures in the unit just like other home appliances. New residents will find Alexa-enabled devices ready to control their lights, thermostat, lock, blinds, and more with no setup required.  


Close up of the 3rd generation Alexa echo device on the table.


Alexa and Echo device are designed with multiple layers of privacy protection, from microphone and camera controls to the ability to view and delete your voice recordings. Property staff, management, and smart home providers will not have access to Alexa voice recordings.   

Residents can listen to their music playlists, shop via Amazon, call their friends and family, and more with their Alexa-enabled devices by securely linking their personal account to the unit’s Alexa device for a fully customized experience.

Residents can just ask:

"Alexa, play my morning music."

"Alexa, re-order dog food."

"Alexa, call dad."

How it works

Alexa Smart Properties for residential allows you to use APIs to deploy and manage Alexa-enabled devices and experiences at scale with Frustration-Free Setup.

Through Alexa APIs you can assign devices to properties, pre-enable Alexa skills, create a customized resident experience, and more. We can connect you with solution providers that can provide professional support for your implementation.


Woman in her kitchen looking into the living room, speaking to her Alexa echo family device.

Easy to manage

Before residents move in, you can specify device settings like device name, time-zone, address, language, unit measurements, Wi-Fi networks, and connectivity state.

When a unit is vacant, you can use Alexa APIs to remotely reset devices and prepare for the next resident, preventing the need to replace the devices each time a new resident moves in.



Implement with Solution Providers

We can connect you with solution providers that can  provide professional support for your implementation, contact us to learn more.

Solution providers can provide professional installation by provisioning a fleet of devices quickly, customize experiences for your property, and provide additional device management functionality through their own software.

Grey french bull dog resting on the couch looking at the family echo device.

Connect with Solution Providers

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Interested in becoming a Solution Provider?

Leverage Alexa Smart Properties for residential to build solutions and services for customers. Provide professional support for Alexa device fleet management, customization, and implementation solutions to residential buildings and communities. Alexa Smart Properties for residential technologies will allow you to build, market, and sell Alexa capabilities at scale to residential properties.  
 Contact us to learn how you can become an Alexa Smart Properties for residential Solution Provider.


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