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The Alexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) Kit allows any Bluetooth-capable device maker to enable Alexa through a Bluetooth connection. With the AMA Kit, Bluetooth devices, such as headphones, speakers, and wearable audio devices become Alexa endpoints by connecting directly with the Amazon Alexa app on a mobile device. The AMA Kit, which contains documentation and development tools, is available to Alexa Voice Service (AVS) developers to simplify development of AMA-compatible devices.

This page provides high-level onboarding information to help prepare you for implementing the AMA Kit in your Bluetooth accessory device.

Onboarding checklist for the AMA Kit

To onboard with the AMA Kit, make sure that your product meets the following high-level requirements:

  • Make sure that your companion app (if you have one) meets Amazon-specified requirements.
  • Update the accessory firmware for Alexa compatibility.
  • Support the minimum iOS and Android versions supported by the Alexa app. See Download the Alexa App.

AMA Kit compatibility product requirements

Compatibility with the AMA Kit has the following high-level product requirements:

AMA Kit contents

Amazon provides device manufacturers with an AMA Kit with the following contents:

  • Acoustic testing instructions
  • Acoustic testing scoresheet
  • iOS and Android reference apps
  • AMA protobuf files
  • Online documentation

Responsibilities for the Alexa app vs. the Bluetooth accessory

The two major components of an AMA Kit implementation are the Alexa companion app (provided by Amazon) and a Bluetooth accessory.

The Alexa app performs most of the Alexa implementation:

  • Handles all Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and music interactions.
  • Exposing the AMA framework for connecting to a device.
  • Pairing with the Bluetooth device. (The Alexa app, not the phone, performs the pairing.)
  • Performing a firmware compatibility check.
  • Obtaining the locale of the user.
  • Offering a deep link to the companion app for the accessory (if applicable)

The Bluetooth accessory is mainly responsible for transmitting voice interactions to Alexa:

  • Configuring and verifying Wake words
  • Enabling Push to Talk (PTT), if applicable
  • Transmitting to the Alexa companion app
  • Playing audio and taking over Media controls as required for iOS.
  • Handling Codec support (Opus or Linear PCM)

Development app

Use the Amazon-provided iOS and Android development apps to help you implement the AMA Kit:

  • As a source of reference code to help guide your AMA implementation.
  • As a validated app to help you test your AMA implementation.

Note that the AMA Kit development apps are separate from the Alexa app.

AMA Kit implementation requirements

See AMA Kit Implementation Requirements for the list of Bluetooth, hardware, and security requirements that your accessory must support to implement the AMA Kit.

UX and functional requirements

Your Bluetooth accessory must meet Amazon's requirements to qualify for the "Alexa Built-in" program. The AMA UX and functional requirements help provide a consistent Alexa experience for users across Alexa-branded devices.

See AMA Kit Functional Requirements for the list of requirements and recommendations.

Troubleshooting (iOS)

To view logs for troubleshooting iOS issues, see the iOS documentation: Console: View log messages in Console.


If you plan to sell your device in multiple countries, prepare your device for internationalization. In general, the AVS internationalization guidelines apply to devices implementing the AMA Kit. See Preparing for Internationalization.

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Last updated: Nov 17, 2023