AVS UX Logo and Brand Usage

These guidelines were created to help you navigate the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) UX requirements for using Amazon Alexa brand assets in your user interface. Consistent and diligent use of these guidelines will protect product integrity and help customers to instantly recognize references to Amazon Alexa, thereby allowing your app to be clearly understood.

This page highlights logo and brand guidelines that are important for creating Alexa built-in devices. They are based on the Alexa Brand Guidelines for Amazon Developers, which you may also refer to for more information.

Below is the official Amazon Alexa logo. It is the primary brand mark, and should be used in product interfaces as well as packaging and marketing materials. The Alexa logo and brand assets for AVS apps can be downloaded from the Resources tab of the AVS Developer Portal.

Whenever possible, the logo should be displayed in Alexa Blue. However, if the contrast with the background color would not allow the blue logo to be seen clearly, you may display the logo in Squid Ink or White. The values for these colors are listed in the Color section on this page.

Amazon Alexa Logo in Blue Amazon Alexa Logo in Squid Ink

Alexa talk bubble

You should use the largest Alexa logo reasonable for all brand attribution needs for your product. However, if the placement of the logo would require it to be rendered below the minimum size of 30px, use the Alexa Talk Bubble shown here. If your interface has a button or other affordance to interact with Alexa, such as an Action button, use the Alexa Talk Bubble.

To ensure the logo maintains its visual impact, do not make the logo any smaller than 30dp.

Amazon Alexa Talk Bubble icon used for button implementations

Note that the Alexa Talk Bubble should be used in a container to protect it when placing on a background without sufficient contrast.

Amazon Alexa logo containers Amazon Alexa logo containers Amazon Alexa logo containers


Alexa built-in products SHALL display the Alexa logo only in the color combinations shown below and only in Alexa Blue (#05A0D1), Squid Ink (#232F3E), or White (#FFFFFF). Choose the color that best matches your existing UI or has the best contrast to the background that it will be placed upon. Whenever possible, you should choose Alexa Blue for the color of the logo, with a White or Squid Ink background.

When choosing Alexa logo colors for your product, please keep in mind relevant accessibility best practices regarding color and contrast to provide the best possible experience for all customers.

Amazon Alexa Logo color chart

Alexa talk bubble

Amazon Alexa Talk Bubble color chart

If your product is limited to only black and white displays, you may use black and white versions of the Amazon Alexa logo, Talk Bubble, and background.

Minimum size and clear space

When you’re using the logo with other graphic elements, make sure you give it some room to breathe. In order to preserve legibility, the Amazon Alexa logo must be no smaller than .375 inches in height for print, 26/30 pixels for 1x resolution screens, or 52/60 pixels for 2x resolution screens.

Example Amazon Alexa Logo size Example Amazon Alexa Talk Bubble size

In order to protect the legibility of the logo, minimum spacing around the logo should scale in proportion to the height of the typography (show as X) to ensure adequate spacing between the logo and other graphical elements on screen.

Amazon Alexa Logo spacing guide Alexa Talk Bubble ratio Example Alexa Talk Bubble enclosed ratio

App tile

App tiles give customers a way to visually identify any app as an Alexa companion app. If you include the Amazon Alexa logo in the app tile:

  • The app tile must contain the Amazon Alexa logo, protected in a white circle or square shape. The shape should have a drop shadow that is 30% Opacity, 0px X Offset, 1px Y Offset, and 3px Blur.
  • The background color can be partner-specific.
  • High contrast (darker) works best for background colors and gradients.
  • Avoid white and light color background tones for maximum readability.
  • Use square or circle base shape options, depending on the platform your app is on.
App tile App tile App tile

App naming

Appropriate app naming helps customers understand that Alexa is available in your app. If you include the word "Alexa" in the app name, you must:

  • Include the word "Alexa" in the overall name
  • Not begin with the word "Alexa".

What not to do

Do not recolor the logo Do not re-create the artwork Do not outline the logo
Do not place the logo over a background that does not provide enough contrast Do not add elements to the logo Do not remove elements from the logo
Do not use the logo in a sentence Do not place the logo over a background photo that is too busy Do not skew, rotate, or stretch the logo

These materials are licensed as “Alexa Materials” under the terms of the Amazon Developer Services Agreement.


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Last updated: Nov 27, 2023