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Terminology and Components
Most parts of the installation, build, and deployment processes of the reference video skill (Alexa Video Multimodal Reference Software) are automated. You don't need to worry about setting up ever... more »
Reference Video Skill Overview and Requirements
Alexa Video Multimodal Reference Software is a modular project for developing Alexa video skills on Echo Show devices. Video skills refer to Alexa skills that can play movies, television, or episod... more »
Developer Account Settings
Before installing the reference video skill with the CLI tool, you must first use the AWS Developer Console to set up an IAM user, and receive an AWS Access Key ID and an AWS Secret Access Key. You... more »
Install, Build, and Deploy the Reference Video Skill
Follow these steps to install all the necessary components for building and deploying the reference video skill. more »
Test Reference Video Skill on Echo Show Device
For this final part of setting up the video skill, you must log into your Echo Show device with the same account as your Alexa Developer Account. You must also use your smartphone to log into the A... more »