Mobile Ads API Frequently Asked Questions

General & Overview

Q: What is the Amazon Mobile Ad Network?

The Amazon Mobile Ad Network connects advertisers with mobile apps and game players. The Amazon Mobile Ads API serves display ads from Amazon and brand advertisers in your apps. By delivering relevant messages to your users at the right time, we are able to offer great eCPM.

Q: What platforms are supported?

The network supports apps and games on Android, iOS, and Fire OS.

Q: Are apps that use the Amazon Mobile Ads API required to be distributed through the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program?

No. Both Android and iOS Apps that use the Amazon Mobile Ads API are not required to be distributed through the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program.

Q: Which regions are supported?

The Amazon Mobile Ad Network serves ads to users in U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan. 

Q: What happened to my EU demand?
We will be releasing a new version of the SDK in the coming weeks. EU demand will be paused until the new SDK is available.
Q: What are the guidelines for publishers?

Please refer to the Program Participation Requirements for publisher guidelines.

Q: How do I get started?

Here is a brief overview of Mobile Ads for Android and Mobile Ads for iOS.

Q: Do you have any examples that I can look at for the Mobile Ads API?

See the Mobile Ads Sample Apps page for examples.

Q: What ad sizes and ad types are supported?

View all of the approved ad sizes and ad types on the Understanding API Page.

Q: We are currently integrated with a mediation platform. How can we participate in the Amazon Mobile Ad Network?

The Amazon Mobile Ads API can co-exist with your existing mediation platform. Many developers working with mediation platforms have successfully integrated our API directly into their apps. Refer to the instructions on the Using Amazon Mobile Ads with Other SDKs Page for more information.

Q: Can I manage the ads that appear in my app?

Yes. You can specify a list of advertiser names, advertiser product categories, or URLs that aren't appropriate for your customers by using the restrictions page under the Settings menu item. Please note that blocking ads may negatively impact your revenue and fill rates.

Q: Does Amazon Mobile Ad Network serve ads from 3rd party ad networks?

Yes. We are working with select ad networks and DSPs to bring diverse and high-quality ads to the Amazon Mobile Ad Network.

Q: Can I enable/disable the ads from 3rd party ad networks in my app?
Yes. There is nothing you need to do to enable these additional ads. If you prefer to not to include ads from 3rd part networks in your apps, you can choose not to include them here.
Q: What support services are available?

Please refer to the appropriate section of the developer site here if you you have any questions related to integration or testing. If you need additional help, click the Contact Us link on the Support Page.

Q: Does Amazon provide plugins for Unity, Adobe AIR, or other app development frameworks?

Plug-ins are available for Unity, Cordova/PhoneGap, Adobe AIR, and Xamarin. The Amazon Mobile Ads API is also integrated in the Marmalade SDK.

Q: What kind of reporting is available?

You can access Amazon Mobile Ads Performance Reports for ad requests, impressions, fill rate, clicks, CTR (click-through rate), eCPM (effective CPM), and earnings. Using filters such as apps, creative size, geo, and device can provide valuable insights into how your users are interacting with you app.

Q: How is fill rate calculated?

Fill rate indicates Amazon’s ability to serve ads in your app and is calculated as ad responses divided by ad requests. Ad responses are the number of ads delivered by the Amazon Mobile Ad Network for display in your app. Impressions are ads actually displayed to app users by your app. For example, if you send 1,000 interstitial ad requests to the Amazon Mobile Ad Network and we return 900 ads responses for display, the fill rate is 90%, even if you only display 750 of those ads. Prior to September 23rd, fill rate was calculated as impressions divided by ad requests.

Q: Why am I seeing impressions when I select a non-US geolocation?

The Amazon Mobile Ad Network serves ads only to users in U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan. These users are registered customers (regardless of where the ad request originates) in these countries/regions or users whose ad request originates from these countries/regions based on their IP address.

Q: The Mobile Ad Network Publisher Agreement prohibits me from sending geolocation data for users in the European Union. Can I still set the Amazon Mobile Ads API's ad targeting options to enable geolocation if some of my users are based in Europe?

Yes. The Amazon Mobile Ads API is designed to disable the geolocation feature when the device is detected as being physically located in the EU.

Q: What fill rate and eCPM should I expect?

Performance can vary due to many factors such as app content, ad placements, and advertising campaigns that match your user base. Please refer to quotes from partner developers.

Q: Why does my fill rate fluctuate?

The Amazon Mobile Ad Network is comprised of many advertisers and publishers. Various advertising campaigns move through the network which can result in a fluctuation in your monetization. If you notice a change in your eCPM or fill rate, please review your app to ensure your app is accepting ads from Amazon.

Q: How can I view earnings by market?

You can go to the Mobile Ads Performance Report and select a geography under 'Region'. You will see corresponding earnings in USD.

Q: How can I view earnings from interstitial ad formats?

You can go to the Mobile Ads Performance Report and select 'Interstitial' under the 'Size' filter. You will see your interstitial earnings.

Q: Can I advertise my app for download on the Amazon Mobile Ad Network?

Yes. You can advertise your app with the Amazon Mobile Ad Network to drive downloads. To learn more about how to use the Amazon Mobile Ads API with an app download campaign, visit the App Download Conversion Page.

Q: Can users who receive ads from the Amazon Mobile Ad Network opt-out of seeing tailored ads?

Amazon customers can always choose to opt-out of receiving interest-based ads from the Amazon Mobile Ad Network. They can do so by managing their Ad Preferences from the Your Accounts page of the Amazon mobile shopping app if it is installed on their device. Additionally, users who receive ads from the Amazon Mobile Ad Network may click on the AdChoices icon to manage their ad preferences. Customers who opt out of receiving interest-based ads will still see ads served by Amazon, but they will not be tailored. Customers who opt out may also continue to see interest-based ads served by other ad networks that are used by the same mobile app. Visit our Interest-Based Ads Page to learn more.

Payment & Taxes

Q: When do I get paid?

The Amazon Mobile Ad Network issues payments on a monthly basis for qualifying events in a given month, excluding applicable withholding and deductions. You will receive payment approximately 30 days after the end of the calendar month in which the ad revenue was earned. For example, the earnings for the month of November are typically paid at the end of December. For more information about what constitutes a qualifying event, please consult the Mobile Ad Network Publisher Agreement.

Q: How do I get paid?

Developers in supported countries/regions can receive electronic payments (EFT or wire transfers) from Amazon. Depending on your bank’s location, you may be eligible for either direct deposit, EFT, or wire transfers. If your bank’s location is not eligible for electronic payments or if you do not opt to be paid by electronic payments, your payment will be made by check.
To determine if you are eligible for electronic payments, sign in to your account on the developer portal and select your bank’s location from the 'Where is your bank/financial institution?' drop-down menu. Based on this selection, if electronic payment is available, you will be prompted to choose between electronic payment or check. Regardless of which you choose, you will typically receive a single payment for all advertising earnings in your preferred currency. If you elect to be paid in a currency other than USD, we will convert your advertising earnings to the payment currency at an exchange rate that may include fees and charges for the conversion. Please consult your financial institution to determine if there are any fees associated with receiving electronic payments.

  Payment Method    Payment Currencies    Minimum Payment Threshold
Electronic Funds Transfer ("EFT")  USD, GBP, EUR, JPY  $10 USD
 Wire Transfer ("Wire")  CAD, AUD, NZD  $100 USD
 Check  USD  $100 USD

Provided your balance due exceeds the payment threshold, and subject to applicable withholdings and deductions, we will remit payment approximately 30 days after the end of the calendar month in which the advertising earnings was generated. For example, we would remit advertising earnings generated in April at the end of May, which is approximately 30 days after the end of April.

Q: What happens to earnings that haven’t met the payment threshold?

Earnings that do not meet the payment threshold for the type of payment you will receive accrue in Amazon’s Accounts Payable records as a carryover balance. Once the carryover balance plus the current month’s earnings exceed the payment threshold, Amazon will then disburse the accrued funds.

Q: Do I have to give Amazon any tax information (for example, my Social Security number) in order to use the Amazon Mobile Ads API? What information do you need?

In order to comply with United States Internal Revenue tax regulations, Amazon requires you to complete the Service Tax Identification Interview if you plan to monetize your apps by displaying ads from the Amazon Mobile Ad Network. The Service Tax Identity Interview, located in the developer portal in the Settings section under Tax Identity, is a self-service interview process designed to guide you through entering your required taxpayer information. You can find more information about the tax identity interview in the Service Tax Identity Interview Guide. For additional information see the Payments: Tax Identity Interview section of the site FAQ.

Q: How do I provide this tax information?

If you have not submitted your tax information through the Amazon Apps & Games Developer Portal, sign in to the portal and enter the required information on the "Tax Identity" tab.