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Login with Amazon for TVs and Other Devices

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LWA for TVs and Other Devices
Your customers don’t have to have a browser to access Login with Amazon from your device. Using a programming model known as code-based linking, you can link devices that have limited or no access ... more »
Register for Login with Amazon
If this is your first time using the Amazon Developer Console, you will need to create a new security profile for your device. If you have already created a security profile in the Amazon Developer... more »
Retrieve a User Code and Verification URL
To retrieve a user code and verification URL, your device must make a POST request to Login with Amazon. If the Device Authorization Request is valid, you will receive a Device Authorization Respon... more »
Display the User Code and Verification URL
After you’ve received the user code and verification URL from Login with Amazon, you must display them to your users within your device.Display the User Code and URL to the UserThe user will be exp... more »
Retrieve an Access Token and Refresh Token
As soon as the Device Authorization Request returns a response, you should begin making Device Token Requests to the token endpoint for the user’s access token.... more »
Obtain Customer Profile Information
After the user grants your TV or other device access to their Amazon customer profile, you will receive an access token. If you're using server-side scripting to request an access token via the Aut... more »
Log Out Users
Your device should provide a way for users to log out of their account. The option to log out should only be displayed to users who have already logged in. You might offer the log out option as a h... more »
Integrate with Your Existing Account System
In this section, we'll discuss how to integrate customer profile data from Login with Amazon user accounts with a TV or other device that already has an account management system. You will learn ho... more »