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Implement Voice-enabled Transport Controls (Rewind, Fast-forward, etc.) with the Android Media Session API
Some apps on Amazon Fire TV support voice-enabled playback controls. You can enable your app with these voice commands and more by integrating the Android Media Session API. more »
Managing Audio Focus
Applications playing audio must be carefully designed to cooperate with other applications and services in a user-friendly way. To manage audio playback across applications, Android provides the co... more »
Testing Audio Focus
All applications playing audio should correctly acquire and abandon audio focus, exactly matching the duration of the playback. Well-behaving applications conform to the requirements described on i... more »
Dolby Integration Guidelines
This documentation provides integration guidelines for app developers who need to support Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus audio content in their apps. more »
Requirements for Multimedia Apps on Fire TV
For Fire TV applications to interact harmoniously with other applications on Fire TV, all applications must adhere to the same multimedia requirements. These multimedia requirements include how to ... more »
AV Synchronization
Precise audio and video synchronization is one of the key performance measurements for media playback. Follow these guidelines to ensure correct audio-video synchronization for your media on Fire O... more »