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Controllers in Android Apps

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Remote Control Input
All buttons, Android events, and behavior guidelines are the same for all remotes — with the exception of the voice search (microphone) button, which is only available on some remotes. more »
Game Controller Input
Amazon Fire TV game controllers (as well as other controllers that conform to the Bluetooth HID gamepad profile) have specific buttons, Android motion, and key event constants. Use this information... more »
Controller Input with Unity
You can use the Unity development tools to create apps and games for Amazon Fire TV devices as you would any Android device. Although we do not provide a Unity plugin for Fire TV development, there... more »
Identifying Controllers
The Amazon Fire TV platform enables users to connect up to seven Bluetooth controllers at the same time. If your app or game supports input from multiple users or players, you need to be able to de... more »
Controller Behavior Guidelines
When you develop your app for the Amazon Fire TV platform, you can support input from different kinds of controllers. These controllers include the Amazon Fire TV Remote and Voice Remote, the Amazo... more »
Controller Image Assets
If your app or game provides instructions or help screens for how to use a controller, you may freely use the controller images and button hints on this page in your app. more »