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Troubleshooting Recipe Configurations
If you're having trouble figuring out the right syntax for either the query or matchList parameters in either the category or contents recipe, you can identify the content defined by the query para... more »
If your app doesn't build, you can troubleshoot error messages in the Logcat console to identify what might be causing the issue. You can use these messages in context of the information you see in... more »
Configure an MRSS feed (such as iTunes) with Fire App Builder
If you have an iTunes MRSS feed, you can follow an example configuration to simplify the setup. The sample MRSS feed in Fire App Builder uses a feed from a popular video podcast to demonstrate the ... more »
Configure Live Streams
If users watch live content and then return to the content details page, a "Watch from Beginning" appears by default. For Live content, you can remove the "Watch Now" button. more »
Mix Free Content with Login-Required Content
If your content requires login but you want to provide some free content too — free content that doesn't require login — you can do so. The free content can act as a teaser to entice sign-ups. more »
Integrate Your Media into the Amazon Catalog
When users press the microphone button on a voice-enabled remote, regardless of where users are in Fire TV, this action initiates a global search using the Alexa cloud service (instead of the Leanb... more »
Caption Support
Fire App Builder supports the same closed captions/subtitles that Exoplayer supports. The formats include TTML, WebVTT, and CEA-608. The priority of support is as follows. more »
Querying JSON
When you set up your recipes, you used Jayway JsonPath syntax for the query parameter. You can learn more about the JSON query syntax here more »
Querying XML (Fire App Builder)
When you set up your recipes, you used XML query syntax for the query parameter. XML queries use XPath expressions. You can learn more about the XPath syntax here. more »