Developer Publishing API Overview

Use the Developer Publishing API to create and submit new Android apps to the Amazon Appstore. For additional information about submitting apps to the Amazon Appstore, see Getting Started with App Submission.

Request API Access

To request access to the Developer Publishing API, see Request API Access

API Capabilities

The Developer Publishing API includes methods to perform the following tasks:

  • Create a new app release.
  • Upload an APK.
  • Upload a small icon.
  • Upload a large icon.
  • Upload screenshots.
  • Update the app's metadata.
  • Submit the app.

Accessing the API

The Developer Publishing API is a REST API. You access the API using standard HTML request messages. The API uses path parameters and optional query parameters. Some of the request messages provide additional information in the body of the request, using JSON format.


The Developer Publishing API uses an Amazon access token for authorization. For additional information about access tokens, see Obtain an Access Token.