Setting User Permissions for the Amazon Appstore

If your company has multiple users who work on app development and submission, you can assign different user roles to their accounts so that they only have access to the functionality that they need on the Amazon Appstore Developer Portal.

About User Roles

The Amazon Appstore has four different roles that you can assign to the user accounts that are associated with your organization:

  • Administrator: Manage user permissions and payment information, edit company profile information, and administrate accounts for all other users in your org.
  • Marketer: Edit app details and access sales reports.
  • Developer: Upload the APKs/binaries for your company’s apps.
  • Analyst: Access payment and earnings reports.

The User Permissions Matrix lists all permissions associated with these various user roles:

User Permissions
User Permissions Matrix

Assigning User Roles

You can add a user and to your company’s developer account and assign a role to that user if you have Administrator permissions on your own account.

To add a user to your company’s developer account and assign a user role:

  1. Using your developer credentials, log in to the Amazon Appstore Developer Portal:

    The Developer Console displays the post-login dashboard.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the dashboard, click the Settings tab, then click User Permissions on the navigation bar below that.

    The Developer Console displays the list of users and roles for your company:

    Company User List
    Company User List
  3. Click the Add New button to add a new user to your company’s account.

  4. Enter the email address for the new user and select one of the four roles (Developer, Administrator, Marketer, Analyst) to assign to the user.

  5. Click Save.

The Developer Console sends an email invitation to then new user. Once the new user has accepted the invitation, their profile will be added to your company’s account.