Setting User Permissions for the Amazon Appstore

Change your contact information

Sign in to the portal, click Settings, and then click Edit to edit your email address, account information, company profile, and user permissions. If you do not have administrator permissions, ask the account administrator to make the changes.

Note that your account contact information isn't necessarily the same as your app's contact information. When you're viewing an app, the General Information tab lists the contact information for the app. There's an option to use the same contact information as your account.

Add Users to Your Organization's Developer Account

If your company has multiple users who work on app development and submission, you can give them access to your organization's account. You can also assign each user a role that limits their permissions within your account.

You add users to your Amazon developer account by going to Settings > User Permissions. There are four roles a user can have:

Administrator Marketer Analyst Developer
Manage user permissions
Manage payment info
Edit app metadata
View sales reports
View earnings reports
Manage app files

You can view a similar permissions matrix by going to Settings > User Permissions and clicking Show permissions matrix.

After you add a user, the Developer Console sends an email invitation to then new user. After the new user has accepted the invitation, their profile will be added to your company's account.

Note that Amazon will only send email to the address listed in the company profile when corresponding with you about your app's status. When you set up a new Amazon developer account, you are the default account administrator. You can add other people in other roles to the account, such as analyst, developer, or marketer. You can also add other administrators.

Although any developer or administrator can submit an app, Amazon will send correspondence only to the email address in the company profile. Amazon will not send messages to the email account associated with the person who submitted the app, unless that person's email address is the email address in the company profile. To see which email address is listed, an account with administrator permissions can check the Company Profile on the Settings tab.

To remove a user from your organization's developer account, go to Settings > User Permissions, and click Remove access next to the user you would like to remove.

FAQ for Developer Account and User Permissions

Q: How do I contact Amazon if I have questions about my account?
Use the Contact Us form.
Q: How do I change the company name for my account?
To protect the security of your account, Amazon does not allow changes to your company name. You can request changes to your company name by using the Contact Us form.
Q: How do I change the information Amazon uses to pay me?
Only users with the administrator role can change payment information. In the developer portal, go to Settings > Payment Information. For security purposes, the information is not shown on the screen. Click the click here link to view empty banking fields that you can repopulate and submit, overwriting the previous information.