PC and Mac Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page lists Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers about developing PC and Mac digital software and video games for the Amazon developer portal.

Q: Can I use the developer portal to publish my PC and Mac digital software and video games?
Yes. By using the portal, you can submit PC and Mac digital software and video games, as well as mobile apps. To get started, go to https://developer.amazon.com/welcome to create a developer account. Use the self-service submission process to submit your titles to Amazon.
Q: How do I submit my PC and Mac digital software or video games?
When you sign in to your account on the developer portal, you will be guided through a step-by-step submission process. Learn more here.
Q: I have an account on the developer portal. Do I need to create a new account for submitting digital software or video games?
No. Use your existing account to submit PC and Mac digital software and video games.
Q: Can I upload my PC and Mac digital software and video games and have them appear as a pre-order on Amazon.com?
No. Amazon does not currently support pre-orders for these items. If you want to submit digital software or video game titles for pre-order, please contact your Vendor Manager or make a Contact Us request.
Q: How can I ensure that my Contact Us request is handled as quickly as possible?
When you fill out the Contact Us form, please include your Developer Name. If your issue is regarding a particular app submission, please include a link to the detail page. If your app has not yet been published, please include the name of the app. If you encounter an error message while submitting your app, please include the exact error message with your Contact Us submission. All of these steps will help us identify the issue affecting you and get back to you as quickly as possible.
Q: Can I use Security Profiles or GameCircle services?
No. At this time, these services don’t support PC and Mac digital software and video games.
Q: Does Amazon support in-game purchases in PC and Mac video games?
Not at this time.
Q: Does Amazon support direct-to-account or instant access PC and Mac video games?
Yes. To get started, log in to your Developer Portal, click “Apps & Services” in the top bar, then click “PC/Mac & Web Instant Access” and follow the integration instructions there.
Q: Can I distribute my PC and Mac digital software and video games outside of the U.S.?
Yes. You can specify in which countries you want to make your title available during setup. You can also edit this later if you want to add more countries to your existing titles.
Q: How do I submit the same digital software and video games for both PC and Mac platforms?
Because Amazon reviews each version of your digital software or video game separately, you must go through the submission process for each platform version.
Q: How do I upload product keys for PC and Mac digital software and video games?
After submitting your digital software and video games for approval, you can upload product keys in the developer portal by clicking My Apps and then Key Management.
Q: When I upload keys I have the option to name my key set. What should I call my key set?
The key set name you choose is presented to customers. To make redeeming a key as easy as possible for customers, it should match what your app asks for. “Product Key”, “Serial Number”, and “Activation Code” are common choices.
Q: What is an online code or online game code?
An online code or online game code is a product activation key that your customers receive after purchasing your product. The code is used to authorize the use of your software or game on a Mac or PC.
Q: May I submit a digital software or video game product that has a product code only and no binary?
Yes. On the Binary & Keys tab, select “No” for “Are you distributing binaries?” and “Yes” for “Are you distributing product keys?”
Q: What is the approval process for digital software and video games?
Amazon reviews your submitted digital software and video games before publishing them. Your account dashboard in the developer portal displays the status of your submissions. Amazon will notify you by email if it discovers any issues with a submission.
Q: What is an academic product?
Academic products are specially-priced offerings specifically for qualifying higher education students, faculty, and staff. Customers are required to provide proof of current academic status at the time of purchase, and Amazon verifies their status with a designated third-party service.
Q: Can I upload files in formats other than .exe? Or can I upload multiple versions of the same app (e.g. 32 bit and 64 bit)?
Yes. Save the files you want to upload in a separate folder on your computer. Include a readme file in that folder with installation or usage instructions for the customer. In the “Binary” step of the submission form, identify the folder as the “Binary” and identify the readme file as the “Installer executable file name”. This will allow our systems to accept your files, and point the customer to the instructions you’ve provided.
Q: The submission form specifies several parameters for image uploads. What happens if I don’t adhere to those?
Your image submissions will appear successful at first, then the submission will fail later in the process. Trying to upload images that don’t meet those requirements will delay your title’s setup.
Q: How do I find my product on the retail website? How do I find my product’s ASIN?
From the Apps and Services tab on the Developer Portal, hover over your title, and click on the cog that appears on the right side of the list. Choose “View on Amazon.com”. This will take you to your product’s detail page. On the detail page, your ASIN is listed under “Product Details”.
Q: How do I delete or hide an item form my dashboard?
We don’t support that functionality at this time.