Registering with Amazon Pay

Registering with Amazon Pay is a multi-step process. Completing all steps in the process associates your application with Amazon and provides credentials you need for signing requests for making API calls.

During the registration process, you can record the credentials you receive or you can find them in Seller Central by clicking Integration > MWS Access Key.

To register with Amazon Pay, you need to:

  • Register for an Amazon Pay account
  • Provide your VAT information (EU)
  • Register a new Amazon Pay application
  • Add allowed JavaScript origins or allowed return URLs settings

Registering for an Amazon Pay account

Follow the steps below to set up an Amazon Pay account.

  1. On the page, click Sign Up.
  2. On the Merchant Sign Up page, enter the requested information, and then click Begin Registration. If you are on a supported ecommerce platform, refer to that platform's guide for setting up.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to create your account.

Your Seller ID, which will be needed to sign your application buttons or widget requests, will appear at the end of the registration process. Be sure to make a note of it.

To get started quickly, you can also create a developer account that can only access the Sandbox environment and complete registration later: US, EU (French, German, Italian, Spanish), UK, JP.