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Works with Amazon Alexa Requirements for a Smart Home Skill

A skill for any device that receives the WWAA badge must meet more stringent requirements than the general smart home skill certification requirements.

Get started

Log in to developer.amazon.com to start creating a smart home skill. A smart home skill includes code in a Lambda function, which provides the communication between Alexa and your products. Learn more about creating a smart home skill. WWAA-specific requirements are outlined in the next sections.

Target version 3

You must target Smart Home Skill API version 3, which means your skill:

  • Implements v3 capabilities.
  • In device discovery, describes the payloadversion as 3, and each capability listed specifies the version as 3. See Alexa.Discovery for more information.

Implement state reporting

State reporting enables the Alexa app to accurately reflect the status of smart home devices. You should review general information about state reporting as a prerequisite to this section. See State Reporting in a Smart Home Skill and Send Events to the Alexa Event Gateway.

To be WWAA compliant, the smart home skill that accompanies a device must do the following:

  • Mark capability properties as retrievable and proactivelyReportable in your discovery response.
  • Always report the state of all capability properties in the context of an Alexa.Response event when you respond to a control directive, including properties defined by EndpointHealth.
  • Respond to ReportState directives with StateReport events.
  • Send ChangeReport events when the device state changes for any reason.

Following is the list of capabilities these requirements apply to:

Report device health

Your skill must implement the Alexa.EndpointHealth interface if any capability implemented by the skill reports property state.

Ensure your skill meets performance requirements

To meet WWAA badge requirements, you must report property state changes in a timely manner:

  • When the state of a reportable property changes, you must send a ChangeReport with the new property value within 3 seconds of the state change. The ChangeReport must also include the current value of the connectivity property, which is defined by the Alexa.EndpointHealth interface.
  • If the connectivity of the device changes, then the following rules apply:

    • If the state of connectivity changes to OK, send the report in 3 seconds or less
    • If the state of connectivity changes to UNREACHABLE, report within the following guidelines:
    Device category Reporting guideline Notes
    Bulbs < 1 minute Poll frequently as the device can be toggled off with a switch
    Hubs < 1 minute Unlikely to go offline
    Plugs < 1 minute Unlikely to go offline
    Thermostats and heating and cooling devices < 1 minute Unlikely to go offline
    Switches < 24 hour Very unlikely to go offline as these devices are typically hardwired
    Locks < 12 hour Typically battery powered.

Additional state reporting requirements:

  • If the ChangeReport event fails with error 503, 429, 401 or the message times out, try to resend the ChangeReport at least 2 more times with a delay of no more than 15 second intervals between each try.

Thoroughly test your products and skill with Alexa

Enable your skill for testing in the development portal and test it thoroughly with your product using an Alexa-enabled device or app. You product must respond quickly and handle error conditions correctly to make it through the certification process.

Submit your skill for certification

When you submit your skill for certification, you must identify that you’d like to be considered for the Works with Amazon Alexa program, include a “#WorksWithAmazonAlexa” identifier in the Testing Instructions section of the developer portal prior to skill submission. Provide this identifier in addition to other information such as descriptions and images that are required in the Amazon Developer Portal.

More information

For general guidelines about the WWAA program, and how to submit your devices for testing, see Obtain the Works with Amazon Alexa Badge for Your Devices.