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Quick Reference: Sell Products in Your Alexa Skill

The following resources help you sell products in your skill.

Concepts and procedures

  • In-Skill Purchasing Overview – The documentation for how to create and publish in-skill products in a custom skill.
  • Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills Overview – The documentation for Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills, which uses Amazon's voice purchasing flow to sell physical goods or services using the payment information already in the user's Amazon account.

API reference

Sample code

  • Build An Alexa Skill with In-Skill Purchases – A sample skill that demonstrates how to use the in-skill purchase features of Alexa skills by offering different packs of facts behind a purchase, and a subscription to unlock all of the packs at once.

Blog posts

Videos, podcasts, and webinars

  • Make Money with Alexa Skills - An Introduction – A webinar about the different ways that you can make money with your Alexa skills, best practices for creating premium experiences, and how to select the right product to meet your needs.