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Login with Amazon for Websites

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Login with Amazon for Websites Overview
These topics will show you how to add Login with Amazon to your website or web service. more »
Register for Login with Amazon
Before you can use Login with Amazon on a website, you must register a Security Profile through the Developer Console. During registration, you’ll be asked to provide the name of your application, ... more »
Add a Login with Amazon Button to Your Website
Next, add the Login with Amazon button to your website. You can pick from a variety of buttons and choose the image that best fits your website. See the Login with Amazon Style Guidelines for best ... more »
Add the Login with Amazon SDK for JavaScript
Login with Amazon provides a JavaScript SDK that you may use to obtain access tokens and retrieve customer profiles. The Login with Amazon SDK for JavaScript will handle all of the difficult parts ... more »
Choose an Authorization Grant
Note: To follow best practices, Implicit Grant is no longer supported. All new security profiles must use Authorization Code grant. For more information, refer to the Deprecation Notice.The two me... more »
Dynamically Redirect Users
After users Login with Amazon, they can only be redirected back to the static pages you specified as Allowed Return URLs when you registered your app. To instead redirect users dynamically to vario... more »
Obtain Customer Profile Information
After the user grants your website access to their Amazon customer profile, you will receive an access token. If you're using server-side scripting to request an access token via the Authorization ... more »
Log Out Users
Your website should provide a way for users to log out once they have logged in. Add the following link to your website where you would like a "Logout" prompt to appear:<a id="Logout">Logout&... more »
Integrate with Your Existing Account System
In this section, we'll discuss how to integrate customer profile data from Login with Amazon user accounts with a website that already has an account management system. You will learn how to enable... more »