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Understand Echo Button Skills

Echo Buttons are full-color LED push buttons that connect to compatible Amazon Echo devices over Bluetooth. By creating a skill that uses the Gadgets Skill API, you can create experiences that illuminate the buttons and react to button presses. For example, you can create sequence games, first-to-respond games, multiple choice games, and so on. For information about Echo Buttons, see How Echo Buttons Work.

Get Started

If you want to get started with sample code and learn the concepts later, see Echo Button Sample Code.

Echo Button Skill Concepts

An Echo Button skill is a custom skill with extra capabilities, so it needs to have the same components as any custom skill. For example, your skill must define an interaction model that maps spoken input to requests that your skill can handle. For information about custom skills, see the custom skill documentation.

The following topics provide an overview of Echo Button skill concepts.

Echo Button

How to set up an Echo Button skill

Specify Echo Button Skill Details

Echo Button

How to change the color of Echo Buttons

Control Echo Buttons

Echo Button

How your skill gets input from Echo Buttons

Receive Echo Button Events
Define Echo Button Events

Echo Button

How your skill gets input from voice

Receive Voice Input

Echo Button

How your skill identifies Echo Buttons

Discover Echo Buttons

Echo Button

How to manage skill sessions and users

Keep the Session Open
Save the Skill State

Echo Button

How to handle skill problems

Troubleshoot an Echo Button Skill
Handle Echo Button Skill Errors