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Play 4K UHD Videos

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4K Ultra HD Specifications
Only Amazon Fire TV (Gen 2, Gen 3) and Fire TV Edition 4K models (not HD models) support playback of 4K UHD media. To support 4K playback, you must adhere to the supported output resolutions, DRM s... more »
APIs for HDMI Mode Switch
Amazon Fire TV (Gen 2) operates at 1080p at 60 FPS mode even when connected to a 4K UHD TV. To play 4K UHD content, you must switch the TV to 4K UHD display mode. This switch between HDMI display m... more »
Tunnel Mode Playback (Applicable to 4K @ 60 FPS Fire TV Devices Only)
The hardware decoder for some Fire TV devices support playback of 4K @ 60 FPS. To play back 4K @ 60 FPS, the timing requirement of media pipeline is aggressive and the app may not be able to render... more »