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Sound Library - Office Sounds

To use these sounds in your skill, include the SSML <audio> tag in your response. The SSML for each of these sound effects is shown in the SSML column of the table. Enclose your SSML response within the <speak> tag. For example:

    This is Alexa's regular speech, followed by the sound effect "copy machine (1)".
    <audio src='soundbank://soundlibrary/office/amzn_sfx_copy_machine_01'/>

Office Sounds

Sound Effect SSML

copy machine (1)

<audio src='soundbank://soundlibrary/office/amzn_sfx_copy_machine_01'/>

copy machine (2)

<audio src='soundbank://soundlibrary/office/amzn_sfx_copy_machine_02'/>

elevator bell 1x (1)

<audio src='soundbank://soundlibrary/office/amzn_sfx_elevator_bell_1x_01'/>

elevator open bell (1)

<audio src='soundbank://soundlibrary/office/amzn_sfx_elevator_open_bell_01'/>

typing medium (1)

<audio src='soundbank://soundlibrary/office/amzn_sfx_typing_medium_01'/>

typing medium (2)

<audio src='soundbank://soundlibrary/office/amzn_sfx_typing_medium_02'/>

typing short (1)

<audio src='soundbank://soundlibrary/office/amzn_sfx_typing_short_01'/>

typing short (2)

<audio src='soundbank://soundlibrary/office/amzn_sfx_typing_short_02'/>

typing typewriter (1)

<audio src='soundbank://soundlibrary/office/amzn_sfx_typing_typewriter_01'/>

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