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Developer Console
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Step 7: Upload App Files (Web App Files)

The documentation here relates to the App File(s) tab:

App File(s) tab

On the App File(s) tab, you upload your app files, set permissions, and indicate device support options for your app. (If you're uploading an Android APK, see Upload APK Files.)

App File(s) Fields

The following table describes each field on the App File(s) tab.

App File(s) tab fields
Field Description
Have you tested your web app?

You can test your web app before publishing it in the Appstore. See Install and Use the Amazon Web App Tester. Testing your app is necessary. If your app doesn't function property on a Fire TV device, the Appstore team will reject the app.

Apply Amazon DRM?

For each app that you submit to Amazon, you can choose to apply DRM or to make your app available without any rights management constraints. DRM protects your application from unauthorized use. Without DRM, your app can be used without restrictions by any user. If you choose to apply DRM to one of your apps, you must use the DRM system provided by Amazon through the developer portal. See About DRM for more details.

Select the type of web app you want to submit

You can submit two kinds of webapps:

  • Hosted app: An app whose assets are hosted on your own web server. Clients connect to the host and download the app’s assets to their device before being able to run the app. For this option, select URL. The next field below lets you list the app's URL.
  • Packaged app: A full-fledged client-side web standards-based app whose assets are bundled together in a ZIP archive for distribution. Packaged apps are best for standalone games and apps that do not use a server. For this option, select ZIP archive. Then upload the file in the ZIP file field that appears.

If you're uploading a hosted app, this option appears for you to list the URL where your app is hosted.

Web App Features

If your app uses one or more features that need customer permission select the appropriate checkbox during the submission flow. If your app requires any customer permission (In-App Purchasing or User Login), you must configure the associated page to use SSL. The following list specifies the features that require permissions:

  • In-App Purchasing: Allows the web app to use Amazon's In-App Purchasing API
  • Storage: Allows the web app to read/write from external storage
  • Device Details: Allows the web app to read device details
  • Geolocation: Allows the web app to use location features
  • Prevent Sleep for Video Playback: Prevents sleep mode from initiating during video playback.
  • Amazon Advertising: Used for retrieving the advertising ID and ad tracking preference. See Retrieving the Advertising ID and Ad Tracking Preference (Fire TV) (or the same information within the Fire Tablets docs) for more details. (The Fire phone options are deprecated.)

In order to protect customers, we require that you serve your web app using SSL if your app uses In-App Purchasing or requires authentication. For more information, see Protect Your Web App.

Device Support

Select the devices you intend to distribute your web app on. For details about tablet devices, see Fire tablet Device Specifications. For details about Fire TV devices, see Fire TV Device Specifications. Not all Amazon devices are available in all countries. If a Fire TV or Fire tablet isn't available in any of the countries you targeted in Step 3: Add Availability & Pricing, the Developer Console marks those devices as unsupported.

Export Compliance

Accept the export compliance statement by selecting the checkbox to confirm that your app complies with applicable export and import regulations.

Distribution Rights

For hosted web apps, you must certify that you have necessary to distribute the mobile website accessed via the URL you specified.

Testing Instructions

Use this field to communicate with the Amazon testing team. (If no testing instructions are needed, you can leave this field blank.) Testing instructions might include the following —

  • If your app has difficult-to-discover features, include directions here for finding those features. Also, if you need to resubmit your app based on feedback from Amazon, you can use this field to respond to the test report emails you receive from Amazon.
  • If your app requires users to log in before successfully launching and using the app, include a set of test credentials for the Amazon test team to use. If Amazon cannot successfully launch your app during testing, the app will be rejected.

Next Steps

Go to the next step: Step 8: Submit Your App and Check Status.

Last updated: Jan 12, 2022