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Building Alexa Skills Using Ruby

Training by Makers Academy

The Amazon Alexa team has collaborated with Makers Academy, a leading web developer bootcamp based in the UK, to create a new, free Alexa skill-building course for Ruby developers.

Our four educational modules will dive into building custom skills for Alexa using Ruby. You’ll learn how to set up Alexa web interactions in Ruby, and work with intents, utterances, and slots. You’ll also learn to build more complex Alexa skills with features like sessions, persisted data, authorization, and cards.

Start learning with the four modules below.

1- Intent Schema

In this module, we’ll introduce basic concepts such as intent schemas, utterances, and the Alexa communication paradigm. You’ll learn how to tunnel a local application using ngrok over HTTPS, and how to connect Alexa to a local development environment. You will construct a simple skill called Hello, World and learn how the above concepts work and play together. Learn more »

2 - Slots

You will learn how to use slots to handle variable data from users. This module also uses Sinatra, Ruby's JSON library and HTTP library, and the Numbers API. You will build a fact-checking mechanism so users can ask for facts about particular numbers. Learn more »

3 - Persistence

In this module, you will construct an intermediate skill called Pizza Buddy that will allow users to place pizza orders and query orders. We will use sessions to design a multi-stage ordering process. We will store and retrieve orders using a Postgres relational database. We will also use the Ralyxa framework during this module. Learn more »

4 - Authorization & Cards

We’ll expand on what we learned with the Pizza Buddy skill by building a more feature-rich skill for users. In this module, we will authenticate users via Open Authentication (OAuth) using Login with Amazon. Users will not be able to order a pizza until they are logged into their account, and users will only be able to list pizzas that they themselves have ordered. Learn more »