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Build Your Alexa Skill

Alexa Skills Kit

Build and Host Your Skill in the Cloud

Once you've designed your voice interaction, you're ready to start building your skill. Alexa is based in the cloud so she’s always getting smarter and customers never have to download updates to your skill.

You can build and host most skills for free with AWS Lambda, which is free for the first one million calls per month. You can also apply for AWS promotional credits if you incur AWS charges related to your skill.

Build with the Alexa Skills Kit

Start building with the Alexa Skills Kit, a collection of self-service APIs, tools, documentation, and code samples that makes it fast and easy for anyone to add skills to Alexa.


Refer to our technical documentation for detailed guides on building various types of skills and features.

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Node.js SDK and Code Samples

Take advantage of our Node.js SDK and code samples to quickly and easily add features to your skill for Alexa.

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Skill Management API

Programmatically manage and test your skills with this API and the ASK Command-line Interface (ASK CLI).

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Smart Home Skill API

Build skills that enable hands-free control of smart lights, thermostats, cameras, and entertainment devices.

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Video Skill API

Build experiences that allow your customers to easily find and consume video content without invoking a specific skill.

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Flash Briefing Skill API

Add feeds to the Alexa flash briefing, which delivers pre-recorded audio clips and text-to-speech (TTS) updates.

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List Skill API

Enable customers to manage their shopping and to-do lists, or create their own lists for any purpose or occasion.

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Add emotion to Alexa’s responses. Control pronunciation, intonation, timing, and emotion.

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Alexa for Business APIs

Build and deploy skills featuring location-enabled context to automate administrative tasks for the workplace.

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Features in Beta and Developer Preview

See what’s new in the Alexa Skills Kit. Learn more »



Whatever your level or experience, you can get started quickly using one of our tutorials. Learn more

 Weekly Office Hours

Drop in with your questions and thoughts. We're here to help you through the skill-building journey. Learn more

 Developer Forums

Visit our forums to get inspired, ask and answer questions, and join our Alexa developer community. Learn more

Optimize Your Skill for Echo Show

Echo Show’s high-quality screen combines with Alexa skills to deliver a completely new way for customers to interact across voice and graphical user interfaces. To help you build skills for Echo Show, we’ve added new developer tools to the Alexa Skills Kit.

Display Templates

Choose from several display templates to optimize your skill. You can also stream videos on Echo Show using the new video player interfaces in the Alexa Skills Kit.

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Smart Home Camera Control

Enable customers to view live video feeds from their smart home cameras on Echo Show with the new cameras capability in the Smart Home Skill API.

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Best Practices for Echo Show Skills

Learn best practices for building Echo Show skills, which can include an interactive touch display in its response in addition to standard voice interaction.

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Test Your Skill

After you’ve built your skill, test it to make sure it’s working as intended. And gather user feedback to resolve issues and make improvements before you launch.

Test Simulator (Beta)

Test your Alexa skill using the Test Simulator. Simply input text or use voice to interact with your skill.

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Test your user experience using Echosim. This online community tool simulates the experience of an Amazon Echo.

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Skill Beta-Testing Tool

Invite up to 500 beta users to test your Alexa skill and provide feedback. Then refine your UI before you publish your skill.

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