Alexa.Education.ErrorResponse Interface

If Alexa sends an Alexa.Education request to your skill and your skill can't handle it successfully, respond with an Alexa.Education.ErrorResponse event. In the payload of the event, specify the type of error and include a message with information about the error.

ErrorResponse event

The payload of an ErrorResponse event contains the following fields.

Field Description Type Required
type The type of error. string Yes
message An error message for the error. This message is used for logging purposes and is not shared with the user. string Yes

An ErrorResponse event uses the following format.

Copied to clipboard.

    "header": {
      "namespace": "Alexa.Education",
      "name": "ErrorResponse",
      "messageId": "<Message ID>",
      "interfaceVersion": "1.0"
    "payload": {
      "type": "<Error type>",
      "message": "<Error message>"

Error type values

The following table shows the valid error types.

Error Type Description


The skill currently cannot fetch the requested content. For example, an academic hold for a student account prevents the student from accessing their grades.


The OAuth 2.0 access token in the request is expired.


An error that does not fit into one of the other error types occurred.


The authorization credential in the request is invalid. For example, the OAuth 2.0 access token is not valid for the user's account.


The query used a nextToken value that is not valid.


A request is not valid for this skill or the request is malformed.


Indicates that the skill does not support the requested action.