Latest Tips on Using the Documentation

Updated July 2019

Welcome to the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) technical documentation. The technical documentation contains overviews, API reference, and focused code examples. This page provides the latest guidance to help you get the most out of the documentation.

New and updated documentation for Alexa Presentation Language (APL)

Use Alexa Presentation Language (APL) to create visual experiences for your Alexa skill. See the following new and updated documentation for the latest information about APL.

New documentation for sound library

The documentation page for the Alexa Skills Kit Sound Library now lists all of the available sounds on a single page. The sound library now contains more than 3,000 sounds, and you can use the new documentation page to search, filter, and listen to them. You can also copy the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) code to use a sound in your skill.

Updated documentation for request handling

The topics that cover basic request handling and session management have been substantially revised. The docs now include code samples for use with the Node, Java, and Python SDKs. See the updated docs here:

Code examples for you to copy

In the documentation, look for short, focused code examples that demonstrate features using the Alexa Skills Kit SDKs. The code examples focus on specific features that you can incorporate into your own code with minimal modification. The following is a code example from Control Interruption of Alexa's Speech.

Screenshot of a code example within the Alexa Skills Kit technical documentation.

If you can't find a code example for the feature that you want to add to your skill, please let us know using the feedback button.

Utterances in multiple languages

When the documentation provides an example of a user utterance, you can often find a language tab for each supported language. The following is an example from Choose the Invocation Name for a Custom Skill.

Screenshot of language tabs within the Alexa Skills Kit technical documentation.

Feedback button

You can help us improve our documentation! Provide feedback by using the feedback button that appears on every page.

Screenshot of the feedback button within the Alexa Skills Kit technical documentation.

Documentation for new features

You can find links to the technical documentation for the latest Alexa Skills Kit features at Release Update.

Other Alexa Skills Kit resources

The technical documentation focuses on the nuts and bolts of the Alexa Skills Kit, particularly API reference. The following additional Alexa Skills Kit resources are available to you, outside of the documentation.