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September 11, 2013

Mike Hines

Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) helps you send push messages to your Kindle Fire users. Now, Amazon Web Services has just reduced the effort required to send push messages your users on all the different mobile devices they happen to be using.  With Mobile Push, an ADM-compatible extension of AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS), sending notifications to millions of users across Apple, Google and Kindle Fire platforms just got a lot easier.

Sending push notifications can be expensive and time consuming, even though mobile platforms don’t charge to deliver your messages.  Currently, each platform asks you to send notifications in a different format, via a different API.  You also have to manage a database of push tokens that can change unpredictably.  Getting it wrong means your notifications may be delayed or dropped entirely.  It all becomes even more complex when your mobile apps need to scale to support millions of users.

The new Mobile Push service takes these concerns off the table with a cross-platform API, token management, and automatic scalability.  In addition to reducing the overhead of managing multiple messaging services, you no longer have to treat each group of users separately, and instead can communicate with your users according to whatever grouping makes organic sense.

So how much does this cost? Most mobile developers won’t pay anything at all for SNS Mobile Push until their applications achieve scale.  Every customer can send 1 million push notifications for free every month.  After that, you pay $1.00 in total for every million you send ($0.50 per million publishes, plus $0.50 per million mobile push deliveries).

SNS Mobile Push is available now in all public AWS regions.

The new Mobile Push section of the Amazon SNS Developer Guide will help you to get started.