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August 04, 2014

Peter Heinrich

Fire TV is the perfect platform to showcase your Android game in a whole new way: through the home theater. With a Qualcomm quad-core Krait 300 CPU, Adreno 320 GPU, 2 GB RAM, Dolby Digital Plus Certified surround sound, and support for multiple game controllers, Amazon Fire TV packs a lot of power and features into a small package.

Game Catalog Growing Fast

Some of the most entertaining and recognizable game titles are already available on Fire TV, with more favorites launching every day. Shiny Box recently released a Fire TV version of its hit role-playing game Dungeon Quest, as did Disney with Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. Other game makers, large and small, are also bringing their best games to the new device. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Rockstar Games), The Wolf Among Us (Telltale Games), SoulCraft (MobileBits), The Bard’s Tale (inExile Entertainment), and Transworld Endless Skater (SuperVillian Studios) are just a few examples.

Huge Potential

It’s no wonder Fire TV is generating excitement among game developers. Fire TV offers a unique opportunity to reach more customers, making your games accessible on the largest and most prominent screen in the home. The high-performance Fire TV hardware is designed to make your game’s “ten-foot experience” look, feel, and sound great.

Built-in support for up to four game controllers (with extended support for up to seven) lets you engage the whole family in your multiplayer game. Add an alternative “second screen” interface to your game for an even richer and more immersive multiplayer experience.

Fire TV also supports Whispersync for Games, so you can ensure player progress is always safe and synchronized. Players can pick up your game right where they left off, even if they started playing on some other device, like a phone or tablet.

Easy Development

Fire TV is built on Android, so creating games for the living room is as comfortable and familiar as the mobile development you do today. Optimizing an existing Android game for Fire TV is also straightforward, so you can get the most out of the hardware—and guarantee the best player experience—with little effort. It’s easy to get started.

See our online documentation for information and tips on programming for the Fire TV remote and game controllers, ensuring your game will look its best on an HD TV, and using ADB to debug your APK with Fire TV. You can also learn about responsive game design, which makes it possible to develop games that scale across desktop, mobile, and TV.

Games and More

Games aren’t the only apps to benefit from Fire TV’s raw horsepower and programming flexibility. Music, Photography, News & Weather, Sports, and Entertainment are just a few of the categories growing fast as app developers expand into the living room. MLB.TV (MLB Advanced Media) and WWE Network (WWE) are excellent examples of mobile apps looking great for the 10-foot experience.

Take the Next Step

Fire TV has the power to make your Android games shine on the big (home) screen; take advantage of the opportunity to publish them directly to the living room. Check out our online documentation and blog posts about developing for Fire TV.

-peter (@peterdotgames)


July 22, 2014

David Isbitski

Today, Amazon announced that Amazon Appstore selection has nearly tripled over the past year, and since Fire phone launched, the rate of app submissions to the Amazon Appstore has more than doubled. Read the press release to learn more about innovative new apps and games from developers—including Camouflaj, Craigslist, eBay, Fandango, Fluik, Kik, Magmic, Trove, TV Guide, and WhitePages—all using Fire phone’s unique technical capabilities.

In addition, yesterday, Amazon Game Studios announced two exclusive new games—Saber’s Edge and To-Fu Fury—for Amazon’s new Fire phone. Saber’s Edge and To-Fu Fury are co-developed with partners, Hibernum and HotGen as part of Amazon Game Studios’ mission to build fun, immersive games from the ground up for Amazon devices. These new games were created exclusively for Fire phone and take advantage of Amazon’s groundbreaking Dynamic Perspective.

Ready to get your app on Fire phone? Test your app today.

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Wednesday June 25th

Firefly: Connecting Your Apps to the Physical World
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Tuesday, June 24th

Limited Time Offer: Earn a Guaranteed $6 CPM on Interstitial Ads from the Amazon Mobile Ad Network
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Monday, June 23rd

Amazon Fire: Design Best Practices for Dynamic Perspective
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Friday, June 20th

Appstore Developer Select Benefits Expands to Fire Phone: 500K Amazon Coins Offer per Qualifying App
We announced Fire Phone extra benefits for our Appstore Developer Select program.  Amazon will offer 500,000 Amazon Coins ($5,000 value) for each of your qualifying paid apps or apps with in-app purchasing that meet the additional program requirements for Fire Phone (up to a maximum of 3 awards/developer). You can create campaigns via the Promotions Console to give these Coins away to consumers purchasing any of your paid apps or in-app items.

Wednesday, June 18th

Announcing the Amazon Fire Phone: App and Game Experiences Never before Possible
We unveiled Fire, the first phone designed by Amazon.  Fire is the first and only smartphone with Dynamic Perspective and Firefly. With Fire Develop SDKs available now, these new technologies enable you to create more immersive experiences in your apps and games that increase user engagement. Now is the time to submit your apps and games! Apps that are approved by July 18 will be in the Amazon Appstore when Fire ships on July 25th.