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April 10, 2014

Paul Cutsinger

Since March 1st, we have been guaranteeing developers with qualifying apps a $1.50 banner CPM for serving mobile ads through the Amazon Mobile Ad Network.  We’ve already seen thousands of developers participate in the promotion and you can too.  The  $1.50 CPM promotion is ending on April 30th.

Integrating the Amazon Mobile Ads API is straightforward.  According to YouMail, it took 2 days while working in parallel on other features.

Alex Quilci from YouMail, Inc says:

‘The $1.50 CPM promotion is a 3x bump in eCPM by itself and we’re seeing much higher quality ads. We also expect the strong earnings to continue when the promotion ends.”

Damien Gardner from DamoWare says:

‘The 1.50 CPM is a great risk-free way to try the Amazon Mobile Ad Network. We’ve discovered a high quality ad network as a result.”

In order to qualify for this promotion, you will need to integrate the Amazon Mobile Ads API in your qualified apps* and send the first ad request to us by April 30th, 2014. Here are the steps:

1.      Download the latest version of the Amazon Mobile Ads API here.

2.      Integrate the Amazon Mobile Ads API in your qualified app and start sending us ad requests. If you don’t have an app on Amazon yet, it’s easy to get started. Test your app using our updated testing service and submit it to us for free.

3.      Earn $1.50 for every 1,000 qualifying impressions displayed on the app during April 2014 (up to 2 million impressions per app).

* Existing apps already sending ad requests do not qualify. Existing developers who integrate the Amazon Mobile Ads API into another app for the first time will qualify. Qualifying apps may be distributed through other Android stores as long as they are distributed through Amazon.

In addition to this promotion, using the Amazon Mobile Ads API in your app brings you a step closer to meeting the Appstore Developer Select program requirements, which gives you enhanced merchandising on the Amazon Appstore, Coins benefits and more.

Click here for more details about the Mobile Ads CPM Boost promotion. To learn more about adding the API in your app or game, see the online documentation or our quick start guide.