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February 04, 2014

Jesse Freeman

As we continue to expand our Amazon Mobile Ads service we are excited to announce a new promotion for developers to earn a guaranteed $1.50 CPM on banner ads during March and April 2014 for serving mobile ads through the Amazon Mobile Ad Network.

In order to qualify for this offer, you will need to integrate the Amazon Mobile Ads API in your qualified apps* and send the first ad request between February 3rd and April 30th, 2014. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the latest version of the SDK here.
  2. Integrate the Amazon Mobile Ads API in your qualified app and send the first ad request between February 3rd and April 30th, 2014. If you don’t have an app on Amazon yet, it’s easy to get started. Test your app using our updated testing service and submit it to us for free.
  3. Earn $1.50 for every 1,000 qualifying impressions displayed on the app during March and April 2014 (up to 2 million impressions per app per month).

* Existing apps already sending ad requests do not qualify. Existing developers who integrate the Amazon Mobile Ads API into another app for the first time will qualify. Qualifying apps may be distributed through other Android stores as long as they are distributed through Amazon.

Since we first launched the Mobile Ads API in 2013, we’ve already seen developers successfully monetize their apps, earn high CPM and achieve high fill rates with quality ads from Amazon and brands like Philips and Duracell. Here are some results from developers who used Amazon Mobile Ads (of course, your results may vary):

“The biggest contribution Amazon provided us in monetizing our apps was through superior eCPM in their Mobile Ads SDK, which performed 215% more than other Ad Networks, and a 77% fill rate in our Word Breaker app. Amazon Mobile Ads allowed us to quit our day jobs.”

                        - FireCracker

“For our apps, the Amazon Mobile Ads network generated 2x eCPM compared to AdMob and Millennial Media.”

- LuckyXMobile

“After Padgram gained 3M users on iOS, we decided to launch our Android app exclusively on the Amazon Appstore for one month before launching on Google Play. While Amazon IAP monetization was similar to other platforms, the Mobile Ads eCPM was 1.5x higher than iAD.”

- Pinssible

In addition to this promotion, using the Amazon Mobile Ads API in your app brings you a step closer to meeting the Appstore Developer Select program requirements, which gives you enhanced merchandising on the Amazon Appstore, Coins benefits and more.

Click here for more details about the Mobile Ads CPM Boost promotion. To learn more about adding the API in your app or game, see the online documentation or our quick start guide.



August 24, 2011

Winkie Chen

Note: Effective 08-26-2015 Free App of the Day (FAD) has been replaced with Amazon Underground.

Farkle Dice - Free and Farkle Dice Deluxe (Ad-Free) are two popular and well-reviewed apps in the Amazon Appstore for Android.  Developed by Smart Box Games, the apps present a fast-paced dice game and offer both solo and social gaming experiences. 

Smart Box Games was one of the first developers to join the developer program after the Amazon Appstore launched in March. 

Why did Smart Box Games act so quickly to join a brand new store? Todd Sherman, president of Smart Box Games, said that as a small, independent game company, “Our priority is to make sure the games have beautiful art, professional sound effects, and music, and are programmed to be stable and responsive. We typically have limited resources for marketing.  The Amazon Appstore gives developers like us a chance for success by offering customers multiple ways to explore and find games.”  He added, “For example, you can navigate the store by Top 100 Games, or by category, or through widgets powered by Amazon’s recommendation engine such as ‘Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought.’ Plus, the first year fee for the developer program was waived.”

Within a few weeks of its publishing, Farkle Dice - Free skyrocketed to the top of the Board Games category and soon climbed the charts under the Top 100 Free Bestselling Games. 

Amazon featured Farkle Dice Deluxe (Ad-Free) on July 23  as the Free App of the Day, a daily promotion in which we make a premium app available to our customers for free and prominently promote the app on and in the Amazon Appstore. 



We set an expectation of approximately 75,000 downloads for the Free App of the Day promotion with Farkle Dice - Deluxe. “Our actual downloads far exceeded that expectation, and we were thrilled by the exposure and the comments from new players,” Sherman said regarding the result of the promotion.  What does it mean for Smart Box Games to have so many new users? “As part of a long-term monetization strategy, we plan to contact those newly acquired users via the messaging function within Farkle Dice - Deluxe when we release our new game later this year.”

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