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errorThe A/B Testing Beta is now closed
The A/B Testing Beta program is now closed to new customers and the program will be discontinued on August 1, 2016. Existing beta customers can continue to use the service until that date.


A/B Testing

  • Avoid redistribution

    Run A/B Tests on the fly without writing client-side code or redeploying your app.
  • Cross-platform support

    A single destination to successfully optimize your iOS, Amazon and Android apps.
  • A/B/n Testing

    Optimize your app or game quickly by testing up to five variations at once.
Key features include
  • Free

    Free service

    A/B Testing is completely free
  • Easy integration

    Easy integration

    Integration can take less than a day
  • Custom segmentation

    Custom segmentation

    Set up experiments and segment your audience using custom criteria
  • Effortless scaling

    Effortless scaling

    Built on Amazon Web Services, Amazon's A/B Testing service enables you to focus on building great games and apps instead of designing scalable backend services