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Alexa Prize

SocialBot Grand Challenge 4 Champions

Alexa Prize SocialBot Grand Challenge 4 Winners - Czech Technical University in Prague

Congratulations to Alquist from Czech Technical University in Prague!

Second place was awarded to Chirpy Cardinal from Stanford and third place to PROTO from the State University of NY at Buffalo. Amazon wants to thank all of the Alexa Prize teams for their creativity, passion, and contributions to both AI science and delighting Alexa customers in this year of extraordinary challenges.

Winner: Alquist
Earned first place with a 3.28 average rating, and an average finals’ competition interaction duration of 14 minutes and 14 seconds.

Second:Chirpy Cardinal
Earned a 3.25 average rating, and an average of 13 minutes and 25 seconds of conversation duration.

Third: PROTO
Earned an average rating of 3.16, and an average of 14 minutes and 45 seconds of conversation duration.

To learn more about the finals, please read our announcement.

Since 2017, Alexa customers have engaged with Alexa Prize socialbots for more than 900,000 hours. Alexa customers can continue to engage with the winning teams’ socialbots simply by saying, “Alexa, let’s chat.”

Previous challenge winners include teams from the University of Washington, the University of California, Davis, and Emory University.

Alexa Prize program expands

The Alexa Prize program has expanded to include another competition, as well. Earlier this year, Amazon launched the Alexa Prize TaskBot Challenge, in which ten participating teams are competing to develop agents that assist customers in completing tasks that require multiple steps and decisions. It is the first conversational AI challenge to incorporate multimodal (voice and vision) customer experiences. The year-long competition concludes in May 2022, with winners announced the following month.

More information about the challenge is available on the competition’s frequently asked questions page. Alexa customers will have the opportunity to interact with the taskbots beginning in October 2021.

Stay tuned for news about the Alexa Prize SocialBot Grand Challenge 5.

Alexa Prize SocialBot Grand Challenge 4