Carnegie Mellon University - Ruby Star

Huiting L.

- Team Leader

I am a first year graduate student at the Language Technologies Institute in the School of Computer Science. My current major is MCDS program which is shorted from master of computational data science. It mainly focus on Machine Learning, Data Mining and Data Processing. I also have three years experience as a software engineer at Baidu. My academic goal is to combine my engineering experience with data science to become a talent in both areas.

Chih-Wei C.

I'm a first year graduate student in Master of Computational Data Science. I'm experienced in machine learning algorithm design, with a focus on multi-label and cost-sensitive classification. I'm also experienced in general software development.

Hanfei S.

I am a graduate student majoring in Computational Data Science in the School of Computer Science. I focus on Software Engineering and Machine Learning.

Tao L.

I am a master student of Computational Data Science. I got my Bachelor degree in Computer Science at Zhejiang University. I have research and development experience in distributed computing, large-scale data processing, and data visualization. Especially, I am a contributor to Spark, an open source cluster computing engine for large-scale data processing.

Teng Z.

I am a master in Computational Data Science (Analytics Track), Language Technology Institute, School of Computer Science (originally known as the VLIS or "Very Large Information System" program).

Weijian L.

MCDS student.

Alexander Rudnicky

- Faculty Advisor

Researcher in spoken language systems. A Faculty Advisor.

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