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Natalia R.

- Team Leader

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Alicia G.

Alicia is a telecommunication Engineer with a major in Telematics with International Intensification certification from Universidad de Cantabria in Spain. She worked with Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy) in the Department of Information Engineering completing the bachelor thesis. Currently, she is studying the Double Master Degree in Telecommunications - Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Big Data at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Working in her thesis related to audio and text analysis for content-based recommender systems. One of the few fortunate selected to participate in the "Liderazgo Tech" for women in STEM, sponsored by Banco Santander.Mentor for UPM International Students

Diego B.

Diego is currently in the process of finishing his Bachelor Thesis in the NLP field. He's been working around the world during the past years as a software engineer, researcher assistant and lead developer. Having a paper published on the SBST@ICSE 2019 and a year on research experience within the ZHAW in Switzerland. Now he's a core developer of the LEXIS' client Portal (EU Granted) with focus in the accounting integration of the High Computing Centers within the Cloud Ecosystem, architect of the latest iteration of the accounting and billing solution from Cyclops Labs and technical advisor in Saturno Labs.

Ramón M.

Ramón is a Telecommunication engineer, with a one-year stay in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. His bachelor thesis was focused on real-time streaming system processing in reproducible environments via Docker. He has a Double Master in Telecommunications major in Machine Learning for Big Data from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Spain. In his role as Project Manager at Saturno Labs he's lead the development of chatbots, client defined commercial applications as well as computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. Also, he is a technology enthusiast, who has won some competitions around the world about tecnology and coding.

Diego D.

Diego is a telecommunications engineer with major in Telematics, currently seeking a Masters in Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Big Data at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He has worked as a researcher in the Life Supporting Technologies group at ETSIT-UPM. His Bachelor Thesis was developed within the ’Plan4Act’ European project whose aim is to record and understand predictive neural activity and use it to proactively control devices in a smart home. He's been highly involved in the organization of local and international events within the European Student's Associations BEST and EESTEC.

Mario R. C.

Mario is a first-year PhD student in Automation and Robotics in Intelligent Control Group at Centre for Automatic and Robotics (CAR UPM-CSIC). He is advised by Prof. Fernando Matía and Prof. Luis Fernando D'Haro. His research interests are NLP and Dialogue Management, focused on emotions and personality in conversations. He also worked on the integration of software and components for a first prototype of human-robot conversational interaction.

Marcos E. G.

Marcos is a first-year PhD student in the Speech Technology Group (GTH-UPM) advised by Prof. Luis Fernando D'Haro. His current research area of interest is related to open domain knowledge-grounded dialogue systems. Before joining as a PhD student, Marcos spent two years pursing a master's degree in Telecommunication Engineering with major in Machine Learning and Multimedia Data Science at UPM and conducting research with Prof. Ricardo De Córdoba on language recognition.

Luis Fernando D'Haro

- Faculty Advisor

Luis Fernando D’Haro is Associate Professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Spain and a member of the Speech Technology Group (GTH-ETSIT). His current research for dialogue systems mainly focuses on generative approaches and automatic evaluation metrics; He co-led the International Dialog State Tracking Challenges (DSTC) in 2015 and 2016 and member of the organizing committee from the DSTC6 to DSTC9 editions. He has been PC and organizer member for the Workshop on Spoken Dialog System Technology (IWSDS) in 2018 and general chair in 2020, and senior member for the Chanel workshop at the Johns Hopkins Summer school (JSALT2020).

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