Brigham Young University Eve

Brigham Young University Alexa Prize team


We are EVE, a team of researchers from the Brigham Young University Perception, Control, and Cognition Laboratory, and we’ve been accepted to the Amazon Alexa Prize Challenge! As one of eight university teams tasked with the challenge to create a conversational AI system for Amazon’s Alexa, we are building a fully functioning socialbot that you can hold a real conversation with. EVE stands for Emotive Adversarial Ensembles, a combination of machine learning terms that describe her overall structure. Eve attempts to express and interpret emotion using a group of response generators, called an ensemble, that help her decide what to say. The word adversarial does not describe her personality, but rather is a reference to the way her component neural networks will be trained.


Location: Provo, UT, USA

Faculty Advisor: David Wingate