Alexa Gadgets Toolkit (Beta)

Create Fun and Delightful Echo-Connected Accessories

What is an Alexa Gadget?

Alexa Gadgets are part of a category of fun and delightful accessories that pair to compatible Echo devices via Bluetooth. Alexa Gadgets extend Alexa’s capabilities to new modalities with motors, lights, sound chips, and more.

Why Alexa Gadgets Toolkit?

The Alexa Gadgets Toolkit offers self-service APIs, including Gadget Interfaces that expose metadata of Alexa’s capabilities on compatible Echo devices. It also includes technical documentation and sample code that facilitate direct pairing and connectivity, communication, and over-the-air (OTA) updates between your gadget and its paired Echo device. Building an Alexa Gadget does not require advanced processors, microphone and audio processing, or device cloud management.

Gadget Interfaces

The Alexa Gadgets Toolkit offers a growing list of interfaces that can be used to create your own Alexa Gadget.

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Wake Word Detection

Respond when the wake word is detected, such as a cuckoo clock that pops its head out when a customer says, “Alexa.” Learn more


Sync movement to text-to-speech, such as a robot that lip syncs as Alexa reads the local weather report. Learn more


Respond to notifications, such as a flag that raises each time a notification is received. Learn more


Respond when a timer has expired, such as an outdoor gong that chimes when backyard playtime has concluded. Learn more


Respond when an alarm has been triggered, such as a switch that releases dog food each time an alarm has expired. Learn more


Respond when a pre-set reminder has gone off, such as a pill box that plays a short tune and flashes an array of colors when it's time for daily vitamins. Learn more

Over-the-Air Updates

Continually improve your product post-release using the OTA solution for Alexa Gadgets. Learn more


Create visual performances with songs from Amazon Music. Sign up below to be notified about feature updates.

Gadgets for Kids

Developers will be able to create gadgets for kids that are accompanied by compatible kid skills.

See What Others Have Built

Big Mouth Billy Bass
Gemmy Industries

Big Mouth Billy Bass is back and better than ever. Everyone’s favorite talking and singing fish is now programmed to respond to customer interactions with Alexa, such as lip syncing to Alexa’s spoken responses, reacting to timers, notifications, and alarms, and dancing to tunes from Amazon Music. Learn more

Dancing Plush Animatronics
Gemmy Industries

Add some fun to the day with a variety of dancing plush animatronics that respond to customer interactions with Alexa, such as lip syncing to Alexa's reading of the weather report, reacting to a timer, alarm, notification, and moving and grooving to tunes from Amazon Music. Learn more

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