Gadgets SDK

Build Alexa-Connected Devices

Gadgets SDK

The Gadgets SDK enables developers to create their own Alexa Gadgets. Developers can select from a growing list of capabilities, such as controlling motors and lights, as well as triggering movement or reactions based on music, TTS, or notifications sent from a compatible Echo device.

Gadget SDK Capabilities

The Gadgets SDK offers the following capabilities that can be used to support the development of your Alexa Gadget:

Perform Actions

Control an Alexa Gadget to move motors, flash lights, or trigger other actions based on customer interactions with Alexa.

Receive Notifications

Enable an Alexa Gadget to react to notifications sent to an Echo device.

Sync to TTS

Synchronize Alexa Gadget behaviors based on text-to-speech (TTS) mouth positioning data, coming through an Echo device in real time.

Button Inputs

Send button input events from an Alexa Gadget through an Echo device and up to a Skill.

Alexa Gadgets Development Kit

Designed to help device manufacturers easily create an Alexa Gadget, this development kit features the out of the box support for the Gadgets SDK. Learn more

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