Getting Started with the Alexa Skills Kit

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Anyone can design and build for voice with the Alexa Skills Kit. Get up and running quickly with one of our tutorials below. With our tutorials and code samples, you can instantly leverage Amazon’s pioneering knowledge in the field of voice design. Start building now and join the next major revolution in computing.

Enter the Alexa Skills Challenge: Life Hacks

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Quick-Start Tutorials
Fact Skill

Build a simple skill that provides customers with facts on a subject of your choice.

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Quiz Game Skill

You provide the data, and Alexa will dynamically build the game for you.

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Team Lookup Skill

Enable customers to look up the contact information for your business or team.

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Rewards and Promotions
Build a Skill, Earn Perks

Publish your skill in the Alexa Skills Store, and earn perks like an Amazon Echo Dot or an Alexa dev shirt. Check back every month for new promotions. Learn more »

Apply for AWS Promo Credits

Build and host most skills for free using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Developers with a published Alexa skill can receive AWS promo credit. Learn more »

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Learn to build for voice with the Alexa Skills Kit