Certification and Testing

Training Module #6 by Big Nerd Ranch

In the last module, you learned how to enable account linking functionality, allowing your skill to leverage a user's existing accounts on OAuth-based sites and services like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and many others. In this module, we’ll cover publishing a skill and the Amazon certification process. Completing the certification process allows our skill to be offered to the public in the Alexa app.

We’ll take a look at common skill development mistakes and pitfalls that prevent certification and we’ll also review certification guidelines for ensuring your skill is accepted.

We'll also explore adding automated unit tests to improve the quality and reliability of the skill’s behavior.

  • Skill Submission Steps
  • The Skill Certification Process
  • Certification Requirements
  • Common Pitfalls for Certification
  • Unit Testing a Skill Locally

Blog: Submitting an Alexa Skill for Certification

If you want to have your own skill available to Alexa users, you will need to submit your skill to the Alexa team for certification.

That means that you, as a skill developer, need to follow Amazon’s content and security policies if you wish to have your skill certified for distribution. Amazon offers an official checklist for skill submission, along with policy guidelines and security requirements.

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