Training Module #4 by Big Nerd Ranch

In this module we will discuss how to link a skill with a database so that it can save an unfinished madlib for later use in another session. Amazon DynamoDB is an easy way to read and write data from an AWS Lambda function skill like previously in Madlib Builder. Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability. It requires no schema and can be used as a key-value or document-based store. We'll extend Madlib Builder to support saving and loading a madlib so that users can return to their previous work at a later time. This module covers:

  • AWS DynamoDB Overview
  • Database Persistence with DynamoDB
  • Database Management on AWS
  • Extending the Madlib Builder Service to Support Saving/Loading

Blog: Implementing Persistence in an Alexa Skill

We'll go over how to write Alexa skill data to storage, which is useful in cases where the skill would time out or when the interaction cycle is complete. You can see this at work in skills like the 7-Minute Workout skill, which allows users to keep track of and resume existing workouts, or when users want to resume a previous game in The Wayne Investigation. For this experiment, we'll build upon an existing codebase and improve it. The skill, a cooking assistant called CakeBaker, guides users in cooking a cake, step by step. A user interacts with CakeBaker by asking Alexa to start a cake, then advances through the steps of the recipe by saying "next" after each response.

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