Account Linking

Training Module #5 by Big Nerd Ranch

In the previous module, we learned about data persistence with Amazon DynamoDB. In this module, we'll learn about the account linking feature, which allows customers to easily link their accounts with an existing account or service. Account linking allows your skill to securely authenticate a user with popular websites and services like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and many others. Once the user has granted your skill access to the external account, the skill can perform operations with that account on behalf of the user. We'll learn how account linking works by adding social features to the Airport Info skill we created earlier. Users will be directed to log in to their Twitter accounts. Once authorized by the account linking process, the skill will be able to post the results of the FAA web service request we made to the user’s Twitter timeline.

  • Understanding Account Linking
  • How to Configure an Account Linking Flow for your Skill
  • OAuth 1.0 and 2.0 Differences
  • Integrating with an OAuth 1.0a Based Service
  • Extending Airport Info to Support Social Features

Blog: Account Linking Using OAuth

One of the greatest features of Alexa is that it functions as a personal assistant you can interact with without having to physically touch the device. This allows you to get information or accomplish tasks while you are, for example, baking a cake. One of the tasks you could accomplish in such a sticky situation could be to post a tweet about your baking adventures.

From an Alexa developer’s point of view, the task of posting a tweet is a pretty sophisticated operation because the skill needs to authenticate with the user’s Twitter account on the web, then get authorization to access the API in order to make a posting.

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