Developing Alexa Skills

Training by Big Nerd Ranch

The Amazon Alexa team has collaborated with Big Nerd Ranch, known globally for its highly effective immersive development bootcamps and app development services, to develop deep technical training courses for the Alexa Skills Kit. This developer education experience showcases all the free learning materials created in collaboration with Big Nerd Ranch. Our six educational modules will dive into building voice user interfaces using the Alexa Skills Kit. The training materials will teach you about the Alexa skill architecture and interface configuration, slots and utterances, sessions and voice user interfaces, persistence, account linking, and certification and testing.

1- Alexa Skill & Interface Configuration

In this module, we’ll introduce the Alexa Skills Kit and teach you how to create Alexa skills, which are voice driven experiences. We will build and deploy a basic skill called the Greeter skill. You'll learn about the Alexa skill architecture and interface configuration. Learn More »

2- Slots, Slot Types and Utterances

We’ll expand on what we learned with the Greeter skill by building a more feature rich skill called Airport Info. Airport Info will make requests to the FAA’s JSON backed web service, and inform users if there is any delay at an airport that they specify. Learn More »

3- Sessions and Voice User Interfaces

We’ll learn about the user sessions feature. This allows our skill to break more complicated data requirements into a series of steps spanning multiple requests to the skill service. We’ll also learn about voice user interface requirements. Learn More »

4- Persistence

In this module we will discuss how to link a skill with a database so that it can save an unfinished madlib for later use in another session. Amazon DynamoDB is an easy way to read and write data from an AWS Lambda function skill. We'll extend Madlib Builder to support saving and loading a madlib so that users can return to their previous work at a later time. Learn More »

5- Account Linking

In this module, we'll learn about the account linking feature, which allows customers to easily link their accounts with an existing account or service. Account linking allows your skill to securely authenticate a user with popular websites and services like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and many others. Learn More »

6- Certification and Testing

In this module, we’ll cover publishing a skill and the certification process. Completing certification allows our skill to be offered to the public in the Alexa app. We’ll take a look at common skill development mistakes and pitfalls that prevent certification. Learn More »